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Estimates are always free!

When you bring in your Sioux Falls bike for repair or service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that will be needed.

One of our service pros will discuss the problem with you and will carefully explain what work should be done, always respecting your choices and your budget.

We can do most any repairs on your bike and we work on all major brands (not department store bikes), so just bring your bike in. We'll take care of it so you won't have to.

  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Replace Brake Pads
  • Replace Derailleur or Brake Cable
  • Wheel truing:  Wheel is removed from bike and adjusted in a truing stand
  • Chain Replacement:  Old chain is removed, new chain is adjusted to correct length and installed
  • Brake Adjustment:  Front and Rear brake are calibrated for tension, proximity to rim
  • Wheel Build:  Lace hub and rim with new spokes, true
  • Gear Adjustment:  Front and Rear derailleur adjusted
  • Bearing Adjustment:  Front or Rear hub, bottom bracket or headset is calibrated.
  • Bearing Overhaul:  Front or Rear Hub, bottom bracket or headset is dismantled and cleaned, ball bearings are replaced, and bearings are packed with fresh grease.
  • Fork Installation:  Overhaul headset, set new races and calibrate bearings. Includes front brake adjustment
  • Drive Train Cleaning:  Cranks, chain, and cassette are removed and cleaned
  • Complete Overhaul:  Deluxe Tune Up, and frame is stripped down and all parts are cleaned.  All ball bearings replaced and repacked with fresh grease.

Bike Tune-Ups

Before we tune your bike, we will inspect it for worn or damaged parts and inform you of repair costs.

  • Remove wheels and true rims and rotors
  • Check wheels for proper dish
  • Check front and rear dropout alignment
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Lubricate cables
  • Adjust derailleurs for optimal shifting
  • Adjust brakes for maximum braking power and efficiency
  • Clean and lubricate chain
  • Wipe bike down
  • Check to make sure all parts, components, fittings and accessories are tight
  •  Adjust tire pressure and test ride

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Our $95 'Harlan's Tune-Up' includes:

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